Captain Matthew Inglis


About Captain Matthew Inglis

Captain Matthew Inglis is a sailing professional and Captain of a 57 Meter Commercial Vessel. When not on the sea, he resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Matthew loves the ocean, including many ocean-related activities like sailing, distance swimming, and more.

Over the years, Captain Matthew Inglis has achieved many memorable experiences. For example, he sailed seven hundred thousand nautical miles aboard private and commercial vessels. As far as his training goes, Matthew has had an exciting history. He started at the US Navy Navigational School. Matthew then continued his training at the US Navy Ship’s Pilot School shortly after training at Cryptography School. For security reasons, Matthew also received training in Handguns and Rifles.

As a seasoned yacht captain, Captain Matthew Inglis has mastered the art of navigating the open seas, combining his technical expertise with a deep passion for the ocean. With a sharp eye for detail and a keen sense of responsibility, he ensures the safety and comfort of his passengers while providing unforgettable experiences amidst the breathtaking beauty of the maritime world. Matthew has honed his skills to ensure a positive experience for all involved. Likewise, he has sought out all training and licensing opportunities. Captain Matthew Inglis holds a Top Secret Security Clearance from the USN and HUET Helicopter Certifications.

Matthew Inglis holds many responsibilities as the Captain of a large commercial vessel. His biggest priority is providing unique, epic, and memorable experiences. He always aims to provide a five-star service, regardless of challenges and conditions. Matthew works with the owners to create such experiences and has done so successfully hundreds of times.

Before Captain Matthew Inglis’ latest role, he worked on several other vessels. Most recently, he was the Captain of a vessel named Liquidity, a 37M Platinum Motoryacht. During this time, Matthew was responsible for the boat for three years, hosting parties and ensuring the safety of all who boarded. Other boats Matthew has worked on include Arete (46M Bloemsma van Breemen Motoryacht) and FAM (203ft 62M Jet Propulsion).

The ocean is a beautiful place to experience and explore. It’s also dangerous. As a professional and Captain, Matthew Inglis has learned to appreciate and respect the sea. Over the years, Matthew has had to step up and help those around him. Matthew has spent time rescuing lost-at-sea divers in Hawaii. He has also rescued three fishermen from the sea in Mexico.

Throughout his career, Captain Matthew Inglis has been a passionate advocate for supporting ocean philanthropy, recognizing the urgent need to protect and restore our precious marine ecosystems. His unwavering commitment to funding and promoting initiatives focused on ocean conservation has significantly impacted raising awareness, driving research, and implementing practical solutions for a sustainable future for our oceans. Supporting ocean philanthropy is crucial for preserving and restoring our marine ecosystems, ensuring a sustainable future for marine life and the communities that depend on them. By contributing to ocean-focused philanthropic initiatives, we can collectively work towards addressing issues such as overfishing, pollution, and habitat destruction, positively impacting the health and well-being of our oceans.

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